My Cats

I currently have five cats in the house and more than 20 in the garden!

Crystal and Tabitha are sisters, they are from the same litter and were born 21st January 2012. I adopted them from Cat’s Protection and they moved with me to Spain in 2015. They flew over on the aeroplane with me, what a flight that was! Crystal loves cuddles and Tabitha loves to talk.

Angel was born 22nd March 2018. I was fostering her mama for a charity and she was born here along with her siblings. I adopted her in June 2018.

Nemo was born in May 2021, I’m not sure of the date as he was found outside. He was around 6 weeks old at the time. He constantly has tear stains on his eyes but the vet has said it is nothing to worry about, it is just a long term affect of him being so poorly when he was a baby.

Thomas was born 11th July 2022 in my garden. His mother abandoned him and his siblings. His eyes were so bad you couldn’t even see them and at one point we thought he would have to have them removed. Luckily, with eyedrops and medicine he is ok, but he is blind. He doesn’t let that stop him though and he is constantly running around and investigating things!